Top diving services for adults and entertainment programmes for children

Due to the proximity of a variety of interesting underwater attractions and its award-winning diving centre, Camping Marina is the ideal destination for diving enthusiasts. Many services available in the campsite are tailor-made for lovers of this sport – from accommodation units specially appointed to meet the requirements of divers to the infinity pool where beginners can make their first try dives. Whether you are an experienced diver or just an amateur, you'll certainly love the diving school and excursions to fantastic dive sites. For those who want to be active on land too, there are cycling paths along the coast and excursions to Istria's magnificent interior.

Our youngest guests won't be able to resist the fun entertainment programme in the children's kids club, and they'll particularly love the treasure hunt in the campsite and also the popular mini disco.

  • Complete service for divers
  • Award-winning diving centre on the beach
  • Kids club and entertainment programme for children

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Camping Marina for sports lovers

Apart from the variety of diving services, Camping Marina offers other possibilities for an active holiday in natural surroundings. Discover stunning landscapes while walking or cycling through Mediterranean nature or on the paths along the coast. In the immediate vicinity of the campsite you can also play a game of table tennis. If you'd like to get out to sea, you can rent a boat and start a seafaring adventure.

Sports available on the campsite

  • Diving centre - details available below on the diving page
  • Bicycle rental

Sport options near the campsite:

  • table tennis
  • boat rental 
  • berth for boats 
  • pull-out crane for boats

Top services for divers

Due to its sensational seaside location and the wealth of underwater wildlife in the Bay of Kvarner, diving is one of the principle activities enjoyed at Camping Marina. Mobile homes feature special storage areas for dive equipment, while sanitary units are equipped with facilities for washing down equipment after a dive.

The award-winning dive centre is renowned as one of the best in the Mediterranean, with a comprehensive range of services and amenities including boat excursions, dive lessons and equipment hire.

Dive sites found close to the campsite include the wreck of an Italian trading ship from 1915, an underwater tunnel and a special marine conservation area teeming with sea life. Whether you want to earn a CMAS certification, try your first fun dive, or merely explore a unique underwater landscape, Camping Marina is the best base for exploring these incredible waters.


  • in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Scuba centre in Sv. Marina was declared the best diving centre in the Mediterranean
  • According to Tauchen magazine, "Scuba centre" at camping Marina is the 6th best diving centre in the world


  • filling of tanks
  • hire of equipment
  • issuing of scuba diving permits
  • scuba diving school
  • organised boat excursion for scuba divers
  • group and individual diving regulated by the Scuba Check Point at the beach (in the company of a dive master; oxygen tank and first aid included)
  • boat trips to surrounding sites - caves, tunnels, including the Lina wreck
  • trial (discovery) dive from ages 12 and up in the sea or at the pool
  • diving school CMAS P1, P2, P3 (diver brevet)
  • oxygen tank filling service, up to 300 bars
  • nitrox tank filling service, up to 40%
  • rental of complete diving equipment
  • rental of diving tanks of 10, 12, and 15 litres
  • ursuit dry suit test centre and the possibility of renting dry suits for diving
  • organisation of various events: Easter egg hunt, Mares demo day, Day of divers (25.08.2017) with valuable awards


  • 2 underwater walls at a depth of 50 m
  • an underwater tunnel surrounded by a beautiful stone wall which extends to a depth of 40 m
  • a preserved divers plant and animal world

    • Shipwreck of the Italian trading ship 'Lina' which sank in 1915.

      The bow is located at a depth of 28 m, while the stern is at 55 m. It is 70 m long and 9 metres wide. The hull is in a preserved state, and even the cargo holds in the hull are easily visible.

      The location is recommended for experienced divers due to the depth at which it is located, albeit visibility is very good, so that even at a limited beginners depth it is possible to see the shipwreck.

Try an excursion or take advantage of the excellent entertainment options for children in the campsite

The location of Camping Marina also makes it a perfect base for exploration. Discover the medieval town of Labin situated nearby with its choice of museums, venture into Istria’s scenic countryside or take a boat excursion to one of the Kvarner Islands. Close by in the town of Rabac, you’ll discover a range of local entertainment options plus plenty of seafront restaurants and bars where you can wine and dine at the water’s edge.

Children will enjoy their stay at the campsite in the company of their peers in the kids club, on the children's playground, or in the pool with its water slide. Our entertainers will spice up their holiday with creative and fun games to make sure they take the most beautiful memories back home with them from the campsite.


  • Kids club
  • children's activities programme - from June to September
  • children’s playground
  • Camping day 21.07.2017
  • Welcome to the summer 21.06.2017