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Pitch rental prices for 2016 (EUR)

Prices are per day. Total daily price = daily person(s) + (and child price) + daily pitch price + daily pet price (if required).

PERSON / DAY: AGED 10+ YEARS4,405,907,307,908,50
CHILD / DAY: AGED 0-3.99 YEARS0,000,000,000,000,00
CHILD / DAY: AGED 4-9.99 YEARS0,000,000,005,505,80
PITCH / DAY: PREMIUM MARE14,5020,4024,4027,5030,20
PITCH / DAY: COMFORT MARE12,0017,0020,3022,2024,00
PITCH / DAY: COMFORT11,1015,3017,9019,0020,80
PITCH / DAY: STANDARD9,6013,5015,6016,8018,20
PET / DAY4,005,506,106,306,50

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Prices above represent our standard full prices and do not take into account any offers or discounts. Please check our campsite special offers or select your dates on the campsite booking calendar in order to view the best and most current price for your stay with us!

If you need further help with availability and booking, contact the Valamar reservations centre.

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Full Season Discount Package

One discounted price for the whole period between 1st of May and 30th September! The Full Season Discount Package is for groups of up to a maximum of four people who wish to have continuous access to the same pitch and associated camping facilities throughout the period 1st of May to 30th of September.

The total price based on pitch type is:

Pitch typeFull Season Discount Package price in EUR (incl. VAT)

Full Season Discount Package Terms & Conditions

  • the package price is for up to four people (including children above the age of 4) with full access to a pitch that allows parking for one vehicle, place for one caravan or tent or motorhome, place for one child tent (max size 1.5m x 1.5m), access to the beach, unlimited WiFi and barbecue facilities
  • prior to making use of the campsite's facilities, a rental agreement will be prepared at the campsite's reception desk listing all guests entitled to the Full Season Discount Package. Only guests listed in the agreement are entitled to camp with us using the Full Season Discount Package
  • at least 50% of the Package price must be paid at the time of signing the rental agreement. The full amount must be paid no later than 30th of June 2016
  • if booked and fully paid for prior to 1st of April of the current year, then an additional 5% discount will be applied to the Full Season Discount Package
  • up to four additional people (over and above the maxium of four included in the package price) may be added to the package at a cost of EUR 155 per person

Full Season Discount Package Residence Tax

Mandatory Residence Tax is not included in the Full Season Discount Package price and is payable as an additional fee. The Residence Tax is only payable for actual days spent in the campsite.

 RESIDENCE TAX - Per person per day spent in the campsite
AGE 18+ YEARS1,00 EUR0,80 EUR
AGE 12-17.99 YEARS0,50 EUR0,40 EUR

Add-On Facilities to the Full Season Discount Package

Add-OnFull season period
(1.5.2016 - 30.9.2016)
Boat/boat trailer parking (boat mooring not included)EUR 247
Dog (per dog)EUR 247
Additional car parking (this is in addition to the one vehicle included in the Package)EUR 247
Small car trailer parkingEUR 186
Additional motorbike parking (this is in addition to the one vehicle included in the Package)EUR 149

Any other service not listed above will be charged according to the standard price list

Discounted services available for the Winter Season

ServiceWinter 2017
(1.10.2016 - 30.4.2017)
Caravan parkingEUR 196
Small trailer parkingEUR 62

Have your caravan ready as soon as the campsite opens!